What is Accreditation?

The NCBFAA Education Institute allows third-parties (both organizations and individuals) to contribute to the corpus of educational events, courses, seminars, webinars, and products our users have at their disposal to strengthen their knowledge base and understanding of the complex field of trade.  Whether it be in-house trainings, webinars hosted by government agencies or private companies, or courses created by those using their experience to educate others, we want to ensure that students' efforts and endeavors are acknowledged and documented. The process we use to accomplish that mission is accreditation. 


NEI accreditation is the formal, impartial verification process that content submitted to us undergoes to evaluate whether it meets our high standards of quality and rigor. Accreditation establishes quality control, and ensure that the content we accredit represent a sound investment of your time (and money) while also imparting useful, relevant, accurate, informative, and engaging information. 

Who Needs Accreditation?

Any person or entity creating content for other can benefit from having their materials or events accredited. By getting accredited, you can be sure that your materials and products are comparatively and objectively of high quality. This is a helpful validation of the value your products can provide others. 

Government Agencies

(eg. CBP, Census Bureau)

Individual Content Creators

(eg. Educators, Trade Professionals)

Private Businesses

(eg. Law Firms, Private Companies)

Trade Organizations & Educational Non-Profits


Additionally, accredited events can provide users with the qualitative benefit of receiving credits from the NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) that will count toward the continuing education credits needed to maintain NEI designations (eg. CCS, CES) and other licenses and certifications that require continuing education. 

Providers can promote their courses and events with the NCBFAA Educational Institute logo, benefitting from all of the trust and brand awareness that our seal conveys to those in the field of trade. Accredited events are be highly sought after by those actively looking to maintain their designations, so providers can rest assured that there is a built-in audience for the content they produce. 

How does the accreditation process work?

1. Sign-in to the site using your NCBFAA credentials. 

2. Determine which accreditation product you need. There are different products (with different costs and requirements) for one-time events, recurring events, and conferences/conventions.

3. Click on the button below for the appropriate product, then "register" to pay the accreditation fee. 

4. Once payment has been remitted, you can begin the process of filling out the necessary form, and submitting any materials needed for approval. 

5. After submitting your application for accreditation, your materials will be evaluated and we will contact you with our determination. Assuming there are no requested changes, you will be provided with a approval correspondence complete with a verification code you can provide to attendees for them to claim credits for their successful completion of the event.